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Patient Seminar Video Series

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The first step

Welcome to our video series about weight loss surgery. This informative series, moderated by Armand Dorian, MD, of Keck Medicine of USC, was produced as a resource for anyone considering bariatric surgery as an option to achieve long-term weight loss.

Kamran Samakar, MD, and Kulmeet Sandhu, MD, both assistant professors of clinical surgery at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, and bariatric surgeons at Keck Medicine of USC and USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, describe the process of determining whether or not weight loss surgery is an option for prospective patients. They also address common concerns related to bariatric procedures. Michelle Nguyen, RD, CSOWM, an outpatient dietitian who counsels bariatric surgery patients before and after their surgeries, discusses how dietary changes before and after surgery factor into overall weight loss success. Angela Peachy-Larson, BSNS, CPHRM, APPRC, director of risk management at Keck Medicine of USC and a weight loss surgery patient, candidly describes her journey to weight loss and her experiences before and after having a sleeve gastrectomy.

Kamran Samakar, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery

Kulmeet Sandhu, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery

“The Weight Loss Surgery Program at USC is unlike any other. Each one of our bariatric surgeons, Drs. Sandhu, Samakar, Dobrowolsky and myself, are proud to boast the some of the best outcomes in the nation. The program is personalized and every patient becomes the center of preoccupation before and after.
We treat everyone as part of our family and when a patient comes to us ready for change, together, we make it happen.”

— Namir Katkhouda, MD
Professor of Surgery and Director, USC Bariatric Program

Part 1 – What are the side effects of being overweight?
Part 2 – When’s the right time to consider bariatric surgery?
Part 3 – A patient describes her own decision to consider bariatric surgery.
Part 4 – What is the commitment required to undergo bariatric surgery?
Part 5 – What are the ideal criteria for bariatric surgery patients?
Part 6 – What types of weight loss surgery are options?
Part 7 – How to select the right bariatric surgery for your situation.
Part 8 – A patient describes her experience after having bariatric surgery.
Part 9 – What are the risks associated with bariatric surgery?
Part 10 – What is a Center of Excellence?
Part 11 – What’s the hardest part of having weight loss surgery?
Part 12 – What kind of weight loss can patients expect?
Part 13 – When patients need bariatric surgery prior to having other surgeries.
Part 14 – Which diets are recommended for pre- and post-surgery?
Part 15 – How does a bariatric dietitian create personalized diet for patients?
Part 16 – Why choose a bariatric surgeon from Keck Medicine of USC?
Part 17 – Learn about the full-service team of experts at Keck Medicine of USC.
Part 18 – What’s the next step in considering bariatric surgery?
Part 19 – What are common fears about bariatric surgery?
Part 20 – What’s the difference between the pre- and post-surgery diet?
Part 21 – The cost of fad dieting vs. bariatric surgery.
Part 22 – How do you determine how much of the stomach to excise?
Part 23 – How frequent are check-ins after surgery?
Part 24 – Can I drink alcohol after bariatric surgery?
Part 25 – A patient’s description of her life-changing surgery.
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